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LG G7 has become predictable when it comes to product launching. Now it is time for LG G7 and LG G7 Price. LG G7 release date..

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LG has always come up with the newest solutions to the market, and hence making the interesting smartphones, but we need more. So here are the rumors that are making the LG G7 interesting and favorite.

But do not wait for records on the time of work - in general, the last launched LG G6, the level is average or slightly above average. And be sure to disable the function Always On Display, which even on AMOLED screens eats at least 15% of the charge per day, and in the G6 with its IPS it "eats" even more. Let me remind you that it's about displaying notifications and clocks on the dark screen of a locked smartphone. Therefore, LG G6 stands for a quite long time when it comes to the battery life, but we expect LG to do more work in the LG G7 to makes it battery last longer.

Talking about G6 battery life, In the Full HD playback mode, the video at maximum G6 brightness lasted 9 hours. Continuous game in the unpretentious arcade Subway Surfers discharged the battery in 6.5 hours. Fast charging is. For 15 minutes, 20% of charge rushes in, 30 minutes - 40%, and the cherished 100% is obtained after about 1.5 hours. To use this, of course, you need a branded adapter out of the box. So, overall a very decent job LG has done, and LG G7 should follow the similar trend.

After last year's failed G5, LG got a really interesting and attractive smartphone. However, everything spoils the price. The logic is inexorable: there is no point in giving G6 as many as 750 euros, while the Galaxy S8 is sold for 800 euros. LG being cheaper and high-end can get more interest if LG G7 will have a solid harder.

No doubt, the Samsung's new flagship is more convenient, and more compact. With a larger diagonal screen and AMOLED matrix, a more powerful filling, wireless charging and support for the Samsung Pay payment firmware, and also cool AKG headphones in the kit. LG in response can be contrasted only with a widescreen camera with mediocre image quality. But still, LG can be your interest, because they are very original and practical.

As a result, to recommend the G6 to buy it will be possible only when the device will fall in price by at least 100 Euros, and this by the established tradition will probably happen quite quickly. But G6 price drop would only happen when LG G7 will make to the market, the question is do we recommend buying G6 when G7 makes to the market, well yes if the price is in the question.

Source: lgg7d.com


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